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In today’s economic climate many of us are having to tighten our belts and whilst the desire to spend quality time with one of our London escorts is still as high as ever, budgets unfortunately are not. This is why at private London escort agency we have introduced our cheap London escorts gallery containing London escorts from just £150. Please bear in mind that although the rates are cheap the escort service you receive with your chosen London escort will be just as exciting and pleasurable as with any of our London escorts you just may need to stay in rather than hit the City together. This won’t be too much of a hardship though as our cheap London escorts are the ladies you will want to stay in with and get to know them so much better. Cheap London escorts are also sometimes known as value London escorts or low cost escorts in London. Low cost does not always mean low quality and this is certainly not the case with our london escorts from £150

Paying less for your female companion

Our high class agency are well aware that perhaps purse strings are a little tighter in recent months than they have been in a very long time. Expense accounts are not quite what they used to be, if they even exist at all now, and people are having to start budgeting. However, we don’t want it to be all doom and gloom and there should be at least a little pleasure left in our lives and so we have introduced our low cost, high value £150 gallery of delightful divas.

Our lovely ladies still offer the same exclusive service they always have done but for a limited time, they are happy to lower their fees. Now, this is wonderful news for many as it means that perhaps, ladies that otherwise might have been out of reach, are now very much within reach so by lowering the cost of their services, these stunners are now available to more and more people than they ever have been before.

There are, of course, some agencies out there that advertise their prices as being only £99 however these are sneaky practices in that once you make an enquiry you find out that the price is only for 30 minutes instead of the usual full hour. This is misleading and not something we are prepared to do at our agency. Clients are used to seeing a single hour price on a profile and we will continue to do so rather than try to hook clients in by dubious means.
At our highly regarded agency we have a wonderful reputation that we aim to maintain. Even throughout this economic crisis we are still well aware that our ladies still have their bills to pay and, of course, we have to take into consideration that their service is something which is very much sought after, however we also try to bear in mind that our clients who desire their company may not be able to do so quite so often anymore. This is of course understandable and we try to reach a happy medium in our pricing structure.

All that being said, the services our clients receive from our amazing girls is still just as wonderful as it ever was. In fact, we have recently seen an influx of new and fresh young ladies who have joined our portfolio and so not only are we offering extremely competitive fees but we also have a growing portfolio of new and interesting companions for our clients to choose from.

Each of the fees listed on each of the ladies’ profiles is for their time and companionship only as is usual. The low price of £150 is for a single hour in their company. You could decide to go out in the city and enjoy a few drinks together or you could decide that you have had enough of other people and you would prefer to remain indoors in the peace and quiet and chat over a bottle of wine – the choice as ever is entirely yours.

We have had many enquiries in recent weeks since we have offered this low cost service, worrying that this is some sort of fiddle and that there must be a catch! Clients have been concerned that due to the fact that these girls are so high class that it is unbelievable that the hourly fee is so low. We would like to take this opportunity to reassure clients and potential clients, that this is not the case and we are simply moving with the times and the county’s economic state and offering an option to gentlemen who have mentioned that they have been affected by the down swing.

We understand that when all other agencies are promoting some of the same ladies for a much higher fee it can look a little off and conspicuous that our fees are so much lower but one has to ask the question whether these other agencies give a hoot about their clients, or indeed their ladies if they continue to demand such large sums in times of financial distress. Our agency cares deeply for the social, spiritual and economic welfare of all our ladies and this was one of the reasons why we have decided to offer this option. Of course, if you feel you need to spend more to make yourself feel better then, we do still have galleries which attract a much higher fee and also you can decide to either take advantage of our offer and book a lady for longer or indeed book two ladies, either way both you and the escort benefits. We see this as a win-win situation for everyone and, quite frankly, are a little bemused as to why some cannot see this.

So, why not calm down and take a few moments to browse our quickly expanding gallery of gorgeous females who are happy to spend time with you for a much lower fee. Double check that these are indeed the ladies they say they are, they are happy to spend intimate time with you, this is not just an initial fee with extras to be charged at a later date. No. This is the single fee requested for a fun filled hour in the company of an attractive, funny, witty and intelligent young lady.

Our low cost gallery includes a variety of ladies, as all our galleries do. We have blondes, brunettes, young ladies and more mature women. All local areas of London too are covered with a good mix of incalls in all areas of the city. It goes without saying that all our girls are happy to provide outcalls and, whilst these are a little more expensive they do need to take into consideration the extra time taken for travel and also for travel costs too.

We know that we have received a very positive response from most of our happy clients and would like to think that this has reassured any gentlemen who may have been a little dubious about our sincerety. Do feel free to call the agency if you have any concerns, we are always here to help.

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