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Our A levels escorts go just that little bit further in order to give you exactly what you want. In our London A Level escorts gallery you will find a selection of stunning London anal escorts who are not only insanely beautiful but also extremely adventurous, they love nothing more than pleasing their companion and as most gentlemen enjoy A level escort services, they have found the right way to do it. At private London escorts we have made a point of noting the fact that these girls enjoy A level by adding A+ to their specialities. If you see a London escort with an A+ this denotes that the particular London escort provides an A Level escorts service. Our London A Level escorts can visit you at your home hotel or even workplace in London or they can sometimes offer incalls at their own locations if required.

When an agency refers to a particular lady as having A level experience or the fact that she is A level educated, they are not actually referring to her academic qualifications but rather her personal enjoyments in terms of naughty pleasures. Lots of the London escorts are very adventurous and have tried out many different things that other ladies may not have and as it is something which is not a run of the mill desire and is slightly more exotic than other pleasures, we thought we would list those escorts who have expressed an interest or a desire in the subject.

A level refers to anal fun and although this does not in any way mean that this is something you will engage in, on the contrary, just an indication as to the types of things the escort herself enjoys. Many people find that A levels are a taboo subject and not something that many ladies are prepared or have even tried to experience. For many it is too far out of their comfort zone but has been a topic for popular women’s magazines in recent years as the number of women who talk openly about the pleasures they receive increases.

For those who enjoy anal play there are a variety of different toys and aids to help stimulate one’s enjoyment even further. Anal toys can be for both men and women and include beads, plugs and probes (also known as wands) which stimulate without any irritation. The rule of thumb (or finger?) in this area for both boys and girls is to always use plenty of lube, relax and loosen up a little.

Anyone engaging in this type of play will always want to make sure that they are ‘squeaky’ clean, although perhaps not literally! There has been some discussion on internet forums as to whether having an enema (administered yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom) is the right thing to do health wise. Whilst it is wonderful not to have to worry about any embarrassment in that area, there is evidence that by doing this just before anal intercourse that you could actually be damaging the soft tissues in what is, in fact, a very fragile area.

Some women swear that by enjoying A levels they can achieve orgasm where they have been unable to in regular couplings however it does have to be borne in mind that everyone is different and what one person likes another does not so if you do meet a partner who has never engaged before, then do not make them feel as though it is something they have to do.

Alevels are not for everyone however there are plenty of ladies around that do enjoy them. Some of the London escorts above are perfect examples of girls who enjoy this type of pleasure. Sometimes these escorts are also known as adventurous escorts or A+ escorts so if you do happen to end up in a conversation where A levels are being discussed and you know that they are not talking about their school life, you will have an idea as to what they are referring to.

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