What to expect from a Tantric massage

Are you looking for something a bit special from your London Escort? Private London Escorts offer a wide range of escorts including those trained in the magical art of tantric massage When booking one of Private London Escorts who offer tantric massage you can expect the ultimate in sensual experiences. Your escort will calm your mind, celebrate your lingam and relax you spiritually.

Our London Escorts who offer tantric massage specialise in an extraordinarily relaxing full body tantric massage that delights not only your body but also your mind and soul. You will be induced into a tantric trance designed to dissolve your physical boundaries and take you to a place where time disappears and your worries and problems no longer seem important.


Tantra is all about achieving unity through relaxation and a connection with the universe. Escorts who specialize in tantric massage employ various techniques including breathing exercises, relaxation to refocus your attention and allow you to truly enjoy the body, the  senses and energy.                                               

Our beautiful escorts will celebrate your entire body and no part of your body will escape the attention of our professional masseuses. The purpose of the massage is to slowly and sensually edge you towards the point of ecstasy time and time again. This build up of sensual and sexual energy culminates in a magical crescendo creating a balance that can truly put everything into perspective.

There are seven main principles to tantric massage which are Surrender, Awareness, Movement, Breath, Sound, Intention and Acceptance. By surrendering to pleasure and releasing control to our beautiful london escorts you are released to truly enjoy the sensual experience.


If you have any questions regarding booking a London escort or require more details on our tantric massage escorts do not hesitate to contact Private London Escorts either by phone or by clicking here.